I Got a Job!

I’m glad to announce I will be returning to teaching in the Fall at St. Anne-Pacelli Catholic School. It’s where I had to leave from when the seizures started and we ID’ed the tumor. It’ll pay a lot better than disability and be more rewarding. It’ll be a stretch at first and some adjustment will be required. I’m especially concerned with how talking all day will affect me emotionally. Being a teacher is emotionally draining.

Then there’s the commute. The job is 60 minutes from away from my house. Oy. Florrie has graciously assured me that she’s willing to drop me off before driving back to HC for her work. It’ll only be a month of that before I can drive myself from her work to my work. Gotta stay positive though.

I’m going to be nearly doubling my income from disability too. I’m so glad the system is there though. I don’t know what my family would’ve done during the 2+ years that I was on disability. We would’ve survived, but I’m not sure what we would’ve had to do to do so.

In sum, I’m very grateful to be returning to Pacelli again and feel very honored that they’d have me back. The commute sucks, but the pay’s good.

It’s been a good day.