Update 10/28/16

Ok…For the remaining bunch of you who don’t know…well, I had two seizures Thursday of last week. Apparently, my anticonvulsant wasn’t doing a bit of good. We’ve rushed me back onto what was working before. It is expensive though; so I cannot stay on this any longer than absolutely necessary. We’re fazing me onto another drug over the next 3 weeks. Hopefully, this medicine will work better.

That means the clock reset on my license suspension too. That means 6 more months until I can legally drive again. I’m honestly not sure if I’m comfortable with ever driving again. Maybe after a year without a seizure I’ll be comfortable driving. I honestly don’t know if even that will make me comfortable with putting my family’s life or the lives of others in danger. I’d been on that medicine for 3 weeks without even any auras (feeling like a seizure is coming on). I had those often even with the effective anticonvulsant. It seemed a little too good to be true. It was, unfortunately.

I just wanted to give an update on my current status. I’ve suspended the job hunt indefinitely. I’m looking into profitable ways to invest my time outside of working. I think I’ve got a couple leads. I’ll keep you guys updated as thing develop. All for now.