Update 10/20/16

It’s been another week or so since I put a blog up, probably longer than that. I’d been waiting to hopefully post some good news about a job teaching 7th grade at a local middle school but, alas, I was passed over for that job too. I really thought I had that one in the bag. As I was heading to the interview I daydreamed about how I would tell you guys that I’d gotten the job. I thought it was a shoe-in because of the position they were in, having to interview mid-semester and all. I was unfortunately mistaken. The school either hired someone else or got a long-term substitute teacher. (I cannot substitute because of my license situation. I cannot legally drive until December 7th.)

That makes my 8th interview for a teaching position without getting an offer for employment. I’m not sure what I can change about me. I know that I’m a bit slow to respond and get flustered easily but that will only change with practice and experience teaching again. I’m not sure what to do. Florrie keeps telling me that something is right around the corner, but I’m not sure I believe that.  Something has been “right around the corner” for over 6 months now.

I’m just exasperated and kinda’ hopeless. I just don’t know where else to look for work. My skillset is very broad but folks aren’t willing to take a chance on me because folks outside of a public school look at my resume all they see is a giant blinking sign that reads either “overqualified” or “underqualified.” I keep a record of all the cover letters I submit and I’ve applied for over 60 jobs since May. And that’s not counting the jobs that I didn’t save or need a cover letter for.

Again, I am very grateful to have any work at all. I cannot imagine where my family would be without the support of the Ivey Center at Columbus State University. But my contract with the Ivey Center runs out in December and that’s getting very close. Too close for comfort. I also figured out how to organize that Professional Development seminar. It turns out that I was closer than I thought I was.

My mother just left from a week-long visit. It was good to see her. She really enjoyed seeing my son again. She’s only seen him one time before this visit. Hopefully, we talked her into moving down to Georgia while she was here. Florrie’s set with two amazing jobs, so I’m pretty sure we’re stuck until she retires. LaGrange is our adoptive home; there are far worse places to call home than LaGrange.

Florrie just delivered two presentations at the annual Fall Conference for the Georgia Art Educators Association in Gainesville, GA. I’m so proud of her. She works hard to support her family and she loves what she does. It’s inspiring. She even tried networking for me at the conference- That’s love.

Alastair is doing well, also. He loves daycare. We decided to keep him in daycare despite the expense because of the socialization and his outstanding teacher, Mrs. Phyllis. He learns so much from her. He was saying “thank you” at 15 months. It is just hard on Florrie getting him to daycare and picking him up after work. I’ll be glad when I am legal to drive again so that I can share the load of driving the family around again.

That’s about it for now. Sorry this was so bleak; my life’s kinda’ that way right now. It is a very dark season. It could always be darker, so I’m trying to focus on the good stuff I’ve got going for me and all the blessings I have.