Why I’m Not Voting for President

I know that it is ill-advised to make political statements publicly, especially when looking for work. However, you’re probably the only one who’ll see this let alone read it.

I’ve been asked more than a handful of times who I will be voting for next month. Obviously, they mean the Presidential Election race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Usually, they’re trying to determine where to place me in the file cabinet of their minds.

If I say “Donald Trump,” that says a lot about me. Among other things, you can assume: I am a values voter; I’m nationalistic; I’m intolerant of illegal immigration and illegal immigrants; I’m “more outgoing, much more organized, and very, very aggressive” [1]; I’m less educated [2]; I like to be told what to do and think [3] and/or I’m just anti-Hillary.

If I say “Hillary Clinton,” that says a lot about me too. Among other things, you can assume: I value human rights (including reproductive rights and LGBTQ rights); I value universal healthcare; I’ve likely been college (at least for one semester) [4]; I’m more likely to support the policies of the current presidential administration; I’m more likely to have an haughty air about me and/or I’m just anti-Trump.

I don’t think I have to offer an explanation for why I refuse to vote for Donald Trump. I will, however. I’ll even do it in the form of a list:

  • He is essentially a thin-skinned toddler that is unable to use full sentences and throws a tantrum whenever he doesn’t get what he wants
  • He appeals to the xenophobic nature of nationalism and nationalists
  • He is a demegouge
  • He knowingly appeals to the racism that exists in America
  • He is misogynistic
  • He is an Islamophobe
  • He has blatantly lied, countless times. (I when I say “countless times” read: A LOT)

I’m going to stop the list there. Ask me for them and I can give examples for each. I consider myself an Evangelical Christian (albeit, a left-leaning one). As an evangelical I think that character has to count for something. I can overlook flaws in a presidential nominee. After all, no one is perfect. I’m not expecting perfection. I’m just looking for a baseline of common human decency. Because he lacks that, Donald Trump is unfit for the presidency. I’m very sad that a major party in our country nominated a candidate this unfit. I won’t vote for trump, no matter what.

The list of why I don’t want to vote for Hillary is much shorter. I believe that she’s the “most qualified person to ever run for president” [5]. She has been a lawyer, a small business owner, the first lady of Arkansas, the first lady of the United States, a Senator for 8 years and Secretary of State for 4 years. Say what you want, that’s an impressive resume. But what about Benghazi? She was raked over the coals and came out clean as a whistle; she was found free of no wrongdoing. But what about the email scandal? Again, she wasn’t charged with any crime ( I don’t think incompetence is criminal). What about pay-for-pay with the Clinton Foundation? There aren’t any direct correlations between the donors and Secretary Clinton’s actions. This leads me to my problem though.

Why am I not voting for Hillary? I just don’t trust her. That resume cannot happen without stepping on some people, some lying and some deceit. Well, a lot of lying and deceit. And she has lied publicly about each of the above numerous times and a host of other things [6].

Character counts and the list of lies are a bit to high of a mountain to climb. Now, granted, I know that every politician lies. Some more than others. Nevertheless, I do realize that this problem is probably mine but, I have to vote my conscience and my conscience says “no” to both of these candidates. The one is eminently more qualified for the other. The third party candidates are under-qualified as well. I think she’s actually very qualified to serve as president and think she will do a fine job, if elected. I encourage everyone that can look past the lies and cover-ups (and complex policies such as reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, etc. Please don’t make assumptions about where I stand on issues like abortion and gay marriage) to vote for her. She’s the only real choice if you’re going to vote someone for president.

I, however, will be voting my conscience and not voting for anyone.



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