The Cultural Approach to History: A Teacher’s Guide (aka My Work)

The atomic diagram to represent the Cultural Approach

I decided to share with you my current work: The Cultural Approach to History: A Teacher’s Guide[1] (forthcoming).

In order to understand, you first have to have a working knowledge of what the Cultural Approach is. In sum, it looks at past historical events as contemporary anthropological ones. What’s that mean? It means that every event can be dissected by viewing it through 6 lenses for analysis. Rather than be a single event for memorizing; it is a product of its environment. It sounds far more complicated than it really is.

The Guide begins by laying out what the Cultural Approach is and how to use it. Essentially, it is an abbreviated version of chapters 1-4 of History: A Cultural Approach,[2] the textbook for the Cultural Approach.

Then we go into sample lesson plans. Teachers across the country are currently submitting lesson plans to be

Graphic organizer for Texbook
Graphic organizer for Texbook

included into this volume as inspiration for teachers new to the approach. One of my chapters in History: A Cultural Approach [3] laid a theoretical groundwork but these chapters are the nuts-and-bolts of how-to-do-it.


I am also making tons of graphic organizers for the text. Graphic organizers are just what you’d picture: Pictures to organize.

That’s pretty much what I’m working on lately. It will be published in 2017 by the Ivey Center for the Cultural Approach to History after a few test runs to work out the kinks. We want every lesson to be useful and classroom re-tested. It’s a pretty awesome job to have. I wish it was going to last beyond December, but that’s when my contract runs out. I’m going to have a blast until then.


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