Check Out Can’t Never Could

For those of you unaware, I was diagnosed with an Anaplastic Oliodendroglioma brain tumor in the Fall of 2014. It was later downgraded to just an Oliodendroglioma. It was totally resected in December of 2014. I was reflecting this morning and I need to post more positive stuff. If for no other reason than to help my own perspective. Granted, the negative stuff is still there and I need to reflect on that to remain honest; but I need to make sure to give equal time to the good stuff too.

Can’t Never Could is a local Non-Profit that’s helping folks with cancer. Brain cancer, primarily. It was founded by a gentileman with GBM (gioblastoma multiforme). The average life expectancy for folks with GBM is 6 months. He’s lived over 3 years and still going. Check it out and consider donating; they’re doing good things for folks nationwide.

I’m lucky to be diagnosed with a brain tumor type with which folks live 11+ years with total resection. If all goes well I will get to see A’s 10th birthday! I will live long enough for him to form memories of me. That’s an awesome thing for which I am very grateful. Who knows, my neuro-oncologist is confident when my tumor returns we have lots more options than just 2 years ago; perhaps we can cure it. Only time will tell.

In sum, I’m going to try to focus on the positive as much as the negative. Can’t Never Could is doing great things. A’s going to likely remember me (yay!). And the return of my tumor won’t be the end of things. All good stuff.